Frequently asked questions

Are the soaps vegan?

Not all of the soaps we have are vegan but we do have 100% vegan soap made from coconut oil, and olive oil. Each of the vegan soaps will have a vegan symbol Ⓥ in the description.

What are the soaps made of?

All of our soaps are made with different percentages of coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and sodium hydroxide (don't panic - you can't make soap without it). We will use infused oils from time to time depending on what scent we are looking for in the end product.

Can I customize my soap set?

Yes, you can completely customize your soap set, all of the options are on the soap set page. Please note that our option will change depending on our current supply.

Will you take custom soap orders?

We are always comimg up with new soap recipies, and we are more than willing to discuss your suggestions. If you are wanting to buy an enire batch of soap, custom orders are more likely to be fulfilled. Please contact us through our special request page.


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